Our statement of faith and practice

In common with many churches we subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith.

We worship God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Because He first loved us, we love Him. To know Him better, we seek to hear His voice through the scriptures and the Holy Spirit. We recognise Jesus, the Son of God as our Saviour and Lord, believing his completed work of salvation on the cross to be the only way we are reconciled to God. We seek to be disciple-making disciples, loving those around us by making Him known with words, action and demonstration of the Spirit’s power. We worship and serve together as a church family, encouraging and challenging each other; gathered regularly in large and small groups, and scattered in the world as workers for the kingdom of God. We have special celebrations: communion, to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, and baptism, to welcome new believers into the family.

We apply these beliefs through:

  • Worship

    growing in our intimacy with God


    growing in our knowledge and experience of God


    growing in our mutual support of others


    growing in our equipping of others


    growing in our witness to others

As part of our church family, we encourage you to:

  • Engage with scripture regularly: reading, studying and meditating
  • Commit to a life of prayer, individually and with the church
  • Meet regularly with other believers, especially as part of a small group
  • Prayerfully seek opportunities to help others on their journey of faith
  • Prayerfully explore how God has equipped you to serve (both inside the church and outside)
  • Earnestly seek the gifts of the Spirit
  • Give generously (both supporting the church and elsewhere as God leads)